The About Me page

Constantly experimenting with new ways to fail

I like to have fun with techonlogy, mainly Javascript, I'm starting to learn Rust. I aspire to run my own business, I have come to shy away from the venture capital way of creating and growing companies. I have failed a lot at all the things I have mentioned already.

September 14, 2020
Last modified May 22, 2020


I am researching a web service that allows you to pull in data from third party applications, like Jira, Github or anywhere that has a public API, normalise that data to a flat google sheet like interface, allow you to create rich visuals and alerts and share with your colleagues


I am helping folk who need help getting that first job, or any job really, I provide free resume reviews and free mock interviews for anyone who wants it. The only ask, is that you help someone else when you are in a position to help them find a job.