Simplifying your interview process will get you more applicants.
A shorter interview process leads to a better candidate experience.

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Prevent candidates from self-selecting out of long interviews

Contribute to open source
Using Open source to get a job

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Instead of side projects, contributing to open-source can do more for your CV

More on your salary expectations?
Scatter plot of salary data of developers in Dublin, Ireland

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Someone asked for more detail than just the ranges in my previous post, so I produced a scatter plot for 2020 data.

What are your salary expectations?
Aggregate salary data of developers in Dublin, Ireland

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I have done over 1000 interviews in the last few years. Here is the answer to the question of what are your salary expectations?

Creating an inclusive remote and office work environment
Some thoughts from working with a hybrid team of remote and in office humans.

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I worked in a startup a few years back that had some remote staff and some onsite staff, this is what we learned from experimenting with inclusion and collaboration


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