More on your salary expectations?

Scatter plot of salary data of developers in Dublin, Ireland

Someone asked for more detail than just the ranges in my previous post, so I produced a scatter plot for 2020 data.

July 9, 2021
Last modified July 9, 2021

Scatter plot.

From my previous post on salary data, I received several requests to create a scatter plot on the data. I am duly obliging. There may be some discrepancies between the salary ranges from the previous post and the graph. The differences are because I remove outliers from the data to remove variability.

  • X-axis - salaries expectation
  • Y-axis - is the number of years of experience.
  • Colours - I broke out the jobs into three different areas, DevOps(DevOps is not a thing, but I cannot get away from everyone using it), Frontend, and Backend.
  • Colour Size - this represents the fact I have multiple people with the same salary expectations and years of experience, the bigger the colour, the more respondents.
Scatter plot of salaries

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