Job hopping is the new way to interview.
Is it ok to change jobs every year?

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It's not job-hopping. It's job trying.

Are your future employers lying to you?
A method for asking the right questions to an employer in an interview

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Have you taken a job only to realise on day one that the answers were aspirational?

Simplifying your interview process will get you more applicants.
A shorter interview process leads to a better candidate experience.

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Prevent candidates from self-selecting out of long interviews

Contribute to open source
Using Open source to get a job

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Instead of side projects, contributing to open-source can do more for your CV

More on your salary expectations?
Scatter plot of salary data of developers in Dublin, Ireland

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Someone asked for more detail than just the ranges in my previous post, so I produced a scatter plot for 2020 data.


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